33 Variations (2011), Jane Fonda
Credit: Craig Schwartz Photography

The chilly early critical reaction to Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark was the biggest (if least surprising) news in stage this week. With much less, and more positive fanfare, Stephen Colbert announced that he’s starring alongside Neil Patrick Harris and Patti LuPone in a three-night revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Company at the New York Philharmonic this April. Kathy Griffin confirmed her Broadway debut in Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony (a rep for the awards told EW that the brief, eight-show run meets the minimum requirement for eligibility). American Idol season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini revealed he’s appearing with AFI’s Davey Havok in American Idiot in March. And our critics reviewed these New York and Los Angeles shows:

Black Tie: Melissa Rose Bernardo praises “the old-fashioned sitcom-style appeal” of writer A.R. Gurney’s “breezy” new off-Broadway comedy about a clean cut dad (Gregg Edelmann) who conjures up the spirit of his ultra-conservative father (Daniel Davis) to help him write a speech for his son’s wedding to a multiracial divorcée. She rates it a B.

33 Variations: Tanner Stransky finds the L.A. transfer of Moisés Kaufman’s drama, which snagged star Jane Fonda a 2009 Tony nomination, just as worthy as the New York original. He gives it an A-, raving that “watching Fonda morph from a strong, capable woman into a limp but stubborn woman dying of a degenerative disease will never get stale” and “the supporting cast is still amazing; the clever set is still fantastic; and the music, well, it’s still just one of the most beautiful things you’ll hear in a theater now.”