It is no secret that EW has an above average interest in both American Idol and the so-bad-it’s-awesome cult movie, The Room. But I never thought there would be a reason to write a blog item that mentioned both of these titanic cultural institutions. Until now!

Earlier today, Room star Greg Sestero (“Oh, hi Mark!”) emailed me with the thrilling news that current American Idol contestant Clint Jun Gamboa is also one of the singers on The Room soundtrack. Oddly, Mr. Gamboa doesn’t mention this awesome fact on the Idol clip below. I can only assume he’s waiting to impress Jennifer Lopez with the information at a later date. If nothing else, she will should be pleased to finally meet someone who has a movie even worse than Gigli on their filmography.

Meanwhile, fans of The Room may care to know that the new issue of Entertainment Weekly contains a piece about the movie and specifically its script supervisor Sandy Schklair who claims that it was he — and not the film’s credited director Tommy Wiseau — who was really responsible for constructing this movie monstrosity. Yep, people are now fighting over who directed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies.”

So, Room-ies: Will you be rooting for Clint Jun Gamboa?

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