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Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCIn two very different situations, both Jack and Liz had their relationships put to the ultimate test. Could they both survive the double-edged sword of dating versions of themselves? Keep reading to find out!

Jack and Avery headed off to Canada for one last rendezvous before their baby arrived. Unfortunately, Baby D had other plans, and decided to make her debut early. This posed quite the predicament for the power couple. How could they possibly have a Canadian daughter, eh? No. Absolutely not. So to ensure their daughter could one day claim her ordained role as President, the couple set out to return to these great United States. But that task turned out to be a lot easier said than done. All planes, trains, and automobiles weren't leaving the country, and a brief plan to run to the border was squashed when a Canadian gave them distance in kilometers. (Damn you, metric system!) So they did what they had to do — hitchhiked their way back in a mobile meth lab. In the words of Avery, "Let's drive to Buffalo and get this little bitch out of me." But when her contractions started sounding very sitcom-y, Jack put an end to all the craziness. Someone called 272 (We know it wasn't Jack. He refused to do it.) and got Avery to a hospital where she belonged. In the end, the two decided to treat Baby Donaghy just like a human baby, even though she was born in Canada. Awww. Couple: 1. Double-Edged Sword: 0.

Meanwhile, Lemon and Carol were off to spend a romantic weekend together. She was surprisingly being an adult, and she even packed non-gray underwear! How far she's come! Unfortunately, she and Carol hit some turbulence before even taking off. Their plane was stuck on the tarmac for at least half an hour, and Liz's flight tracker angry red frowny face status didn't bode well. When she and the other passengers started to get restless, she tried to use her girlfriend status with Pilot Carol to her benefit. Instead, they ended up in a stubborn screaming match in front of everyone. Carol's demands: "Admit that you were wrong, and I, as captain of this vessel, was correct." But Lemon would rather die on the plane. Carol pulled a gun. Liz pulled an old man. And with that, their relationship ended. Couple: 0. Double-Edged Sword: 1.

Congratulations are in order for Tracy. He finally achieved EGOT (which really isn't as dirty as it sounds). But Trey quickly learned that success was his own double-edged sword. While he enjoyed some of the perks of his awesomeness (i.e. lighting up the Empire State building with the color of his choosing: clear, and riding a killer whale with a whale saddle), he found others to be rather boring. His solution? He headed off to Africa where he taught the natives all the words to "Monster Mash." I would have preferred it if he taught them the lyrics to "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah," but those NBC writers don't listen to my suggestions. Anyway, I'm guessing Tracy's trip to what turned out to be faux Africa will explain his real-life absence from the show for the next few episodes.

Other "Double-Edged Sword" highlights:

++ "I never sleep on planes. I don't want to get incepted." — Jack

++ The envelope gag with Jack and Lemon. So funny! (And a great ode to NBC's Carnac the Magnificent.)

++ Tracy having someone else accept his Oscar because his mouth was full…with a Pop-Tart!

++ "Your pavilion at EPCOT doesn't have a ride!" –Avery in one of her and Jack's many jabs at Canadians. (I went to EPCOT last month, and it is true that Canada has no ride. Shame! But in Canada's defense,  I did eat a pretty tasty steak there. One that I'll probably always remember for being a really badass steak. So thank you, O Canada.)

++ The in-flight entertainment was Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and the NBC sitcoms that didn't make the schedule. (Did anyone else notice that Tina Fey was the one singing the fake theme song to Gals on the Town starring Aisha Tyler, Teri Polo, and Lindsay Price? GENIUS!)

++ "If I can't poop in the street, why should my tax dollars pay for someone else to?" –Lemon, who once yelled at a police horse

++ "My incompetence knows no bounds!" –Tracy

++ "Turkey wraps!" –Lemon's stomach

Did you like last night's episode? What were your favorite moments? What's your double-edged sword? (Mine tends to be some combination of being bored and lazy.) If you comment, I'll be nice enough to let you know when your fly is open with a pencil sticking out.

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