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Memento, Christopher Nolan’s in-reverse thriller about a man (Guy Pearce) who’s lost his short-term memory, will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a special one-night showing in 11 cities on Feb. 17. Audiences will not only see a digitally-refined version of the film, but a recent interview of Nolan by filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, recorded Feb. 4 in Los Angeles. A special-edition Blu-ray arrives in stores on Feb. 22.

The select theater list, after the jump:

New York, N.Y. (City Cinemas Village East 7)

Atlanta, Ga. (Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge 9)

Boston, Mass. (Nat’l Amusements Legacy Place 15)

Dallas, Tex. (Studio Movie Grill 9-Arlington)

Houston, Tex. (Studio Movie Grill City Center)

Los Angeles, Calif. (Rave The Bridge 19)

San Diego, Calif. (UltraStar Mission Valley 7)

Washington, D.C. (Rave Fairfax Corner 14)

Toronto, Ont. (Cineplex Varsity 12)

Vancouver, B.C. (Cineplex Scotiabank 9-Vancouver)

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