By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 10, 2011 at 05:38 PM EST

Image Credit: Janet Mayer/Photorazzi/PR Photos; Randee St. Nicholas; Keadrick D. Washington/PR PhotosWe all know Prince is a little… let’s call it eccentric. But I don’t think he deserves the flogging Howard Stern gave him on the radio yesterday for telling Kim Kardashian to “get off the stage” at Madison Square Garden Monday night when she was invited up during a jam and just awkwardly stood there. As Stern described it: “Prince is such an arrogant a–hole…. So she walks up on the stage…evidently you’re supposed to know what to do when Prince calls you up on the stage, you are supposed to dance like a stripper. She’s not clued in on this. So she is standing there stunned….she’s on stage at Madison Square Garden, and evidently she didn’t…read Prince’s f—ing mind, so he humiliated her in front of the audience and said…’get off the stage’….he called her up on stage to do something she wasn’t supposed to do…She didn’t know what to do.”

Now if you watch this video on YouTube (before it’s taken down), you see that at least one woman had already danced with Prince before Kardashian was led up the steps. You also hear Prince tell that woman to “get off the stage” when it was time for her to go. Looking for another dance partner, Prince pointed to Kardashian and said, “She might be too sexy.” She walked up and just stood there, nervously laughing, as Prince danced and said “Come on.”

Maybe standing and clapping one step above a golf clap was all Kardashian could handle in her tight dress and heels (Kardashian tweeted that she later redeemed herself), but I think if you’ve got amazing seats at a Prince concert, and he invites you on stage, and he asks you to dance … you dance! Stern would disagree: “Look, everyone likes to see Kim Kardashian booed, because she doesn’t really do anything … but just because Prince asks you to dance doesn’t mean you have to hop to — those slave days are over,” he said.

Whether or not you have to, how do you not when you’ve got that beat? Whose side are you on here? Really, I think Stern just wanted to take a shot at Prince for a private concert Stern attended. “He turned out the lights so you couldn’t see him. F— off… I laughed, I am not going to buy into that bulls—. Don’t go up on stage for everyone to see and then turn out the lights for the entire time,” he said. A rep for Prince said he would not be commenting.

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