Donald Trump visited with his former Celebrity Apprentice Piers Morgan last night and confirmed that he’s “seriously thinking” about a presidential bid. He said he’ll decide by June if he’ll enter the race. Asked what his top priority would be if elected, Trump said it would be a 25 percent tax on all Chinese products, so American companies can compete. He referred to China as “the enemy,” and when Morgan tried to get him to soften that term, he refused. “They want to take over this country economically,” Trump said. In his mind, they’re not outcompeting the U.S., they’re cheating by manipulating their currency.

Trump has talked about running for president before, and a campaign full of his bluster would be more entertaining than anything he’s ever done on Apprentice. He said he’d sic “the killers on Wall Street” on the Chinese to negotiate, and that he wouldn’t give the president of China a five-star meal at the White House. “If we don’t work out a deal [at my office], we send him to McDonald’s and send him home.”

Morgan said he has “funny feeling” Trump will actually run. Me, I just have a funny feeling. What would you love most about a Donald Trump presidential campaign?