Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxDespite Bones producers (and writers) repeatedly telling us how much Brennan likes Booth’s girlfriend Hannah — which means we should, too — a large portion of the audience has never warmed to the character. That makes tonight’s episode, in which Booth and Sweets decide in the opening booze-filled scene to propose to each of their girlfriends, particularly interesting. Assuming Booth does end up popping the question, Hannah will be damned if she says “I do” and, perhaps, damned if she doesn’t. (Why wouldn’t she want to marry our Seeley?) How do you hope this plays out? And how do you think this plays out?

I’m torn: Part of me thinks the show could have some fun with Booth and Hannah’s engagement (and getting devoted fans, who’ll complain but won’t stop watching, even more riled up) before having one of them dramatically break it. The other part of me thinks it should take the out and have Hannah say no — or, better yet, have Booth start to propose to her, then realize he can’t actually commit to a life with someone else before finding out what could’ve been with Brennan. We know the Feb. 17 episode finds Booth and Brennan alone together hating Valentine’s Day. Seeley’s a romantic. If he would have just gotten engaged, would he really hate Valentine’s Day? (Even if Hannah is out-of-town on assignment?) We also know the much-anticipated Booth-and-Brennan-are-stuck-in-an-elevator episode, in which they’ll deal with their feelings, is scheduled to air March 17. Either enough time will have passed for Brennan to realize she can’t compartmentalize the tough time she’s having with Booth’s engagement, or for Booth to feel comfortable opening his heart again to Brennan after closing it on Hannah. Discuss!

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