By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 09, 2011 at 08:31 PM EST
Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Image Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CWThe extended promo for this Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries shows werewolves both interrupting Elena’s and Stefan’s ill-timed romantic getaway and torturing Damon. What it doesn’t show: We may finally see Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) kiss. “Things definitely start to heat up and they start becoming a little more involved,” McQueen tells EW. (Even though we saw them walk away from Jonas last week arm-and-arm, they aren’t yet together, he says. We didn’t miss an off-screen hook up.) Told that Kevin Williamson has teased that we’ll see a kiss “sooner rather than later,” McQueen still plays coy when asked if this is, in fact, the hour. “I would watch this next episode and see,” he says. Assuming he’s already filmed the kiss to air at some point, we asked him to describe the staging. “If this hypothetical kiss happened,” he says, “I might have just grabbed her and gone for it. I don’t know.” (Knowing that Jeremy trying to kiss Bonnie at the end of the December cliffhanger was McQueen feeling the moment and improvising, we’d like to believe this.)

McQueen’s also purposefully vague while answering a few other burning questions:

• Will Luka and Jonas ever use Jeremy to get to Bonnie? “There’s definitely a conflict coming up,” he says, before clamming up.

• What impact will Uncle John’s return have on Jeremy? “Jeremy and Uncle John’s relationship is as complicated as they come,” he says. “One half of him is interested in Uncle John. He knows more about his father than Jeremy does, and Jeremy’s just finding out that his father was involved in this whole vampire-hunting world. He’s also involved in this family legacy that I’m supposed to follow. The other half of Jeremy doesn’t believe vampires are such bad people. He’s friends with some and was in love with another — and Uncle John killed her. He’s pulled in two different directions. I think at some point Jeremy is going to be trained in the art of vampire-hunting. Whether that’s Uncle John or Alaric has yet to be seen.”

• As the show’s gotten darker, we’ve seen more action sequences. Will Jeremy get physical? “I hope so. I hope the day comes when I get to roll up on a motorcycle with a sawed-off shotgun,” he says, “but that has to be written.”

• Has he ever asked the writers why Jeremy’s sister, Elena, who we’re told needs to be sacrificed by a wolf or vampire to break a curse, can’t just wear the ring he’s currently sporting that keeps its human bearer from dying a supernatural death? “I haven’t asked it, just because I want to keep wearing it. [Elena’s sibling] is a four-year-old girl named Margaret in the books,” he says, “and that’s not exactly job security on my side. [In a pleading voice] I’m hoping to keep that ring on my finger.”

• Will we see more scenes between Jeremy and Damon? “We’ll see. I think Jeremy losing his father at such a young age, he’s always looking for a father figure. He saw that in Damon for awhile, until he realized that Damon causes more trouble than good,” he says. “I don’t think Jeremy looks up to Damon like he once did.” (Is that because a frustrated, heartbroken Damon snapped his neck in the season 2 premiere and Jeremy only survived because he was wearing that ring? Some people really need to learn to forgive.)

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