Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man who became a YouTube sensation due to his golden radio voice, returned to the CBS Early Show this morning to discuss his roller-coaster ride of sudden fame. Looking polished and more comfortable in front of the cameras, Williams reflected on his emotionally jarring recent experiences, including his decision to leave a Texas rehab center. "It was too much, too fast, and I was just not really focused on what I should be doing," he said. "I felt scripted. I was doing live phone-ins (to TV shows) from rehab."

Williams initially relapsed under the immense pressure he felt after his YouTube video made him a star. "The weight of the world was on my shoulders," he said, with people in airports coming up to him, saying, "Hey Ted, don't let us down."

Williams is now living in a clean-living sober house in California, so he can simultaneously seek voice-over work. Though several job offers disappeared after he encountered personal troubles, Williams says there's still opportunity. "Some of these offers have come back to the table under the provision that I do continue to live in a sober environment," he told CBS's Chris Wragge and Erica Hill.

Williams insisted that his public squabbles with his family have been resolved and that he's dealing with the limelight much better now then when he was initially thrust into it, saying, "There's no more of these five-minute interviews and waving on buses."

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