Image Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Fox Once again, I’m concerned that the hours of quality TV out there far outweighs the number of hours in the day. Because as much as I’ve been pressuring my friends, it seems many of them still aren’t tuning in to Raising Hope. My question: Why the hell not?

On last night’s episode, Jimmy befriended a fellow single father in hopes of having, well, a friend. It didn’t come easy, though. When Jimmy wasn’t battling a case of girlish butterflies (raise your hand if you’ve re-recorded voicemails!), he was trying to convince his parents that a severe income divide shouldn’t get in the way of him making a new friend.

And in the end, it didn’t — but his new friend’s crush on Sabrina did. Oh, well. Poor Jimmy.

On this end, though, it was all gold. Virginia using a recorder in place of a touch-tone phone? The Bones shout-out? (Who else watches that show in a Snuggie?) The dual dinner scenes? All brilliant.

So tell me, PopWatchers, did you catch Raising Hope last night? And if you’re not watching, WHY NOT?!?!

BONUS: Here are some great lines from last night:

Justin’s dad: [Sips wine] “What year it this?”

Burt: “2011. That fancy watch doesn’t have the date, huh?”

Sabrina: “Look at you two hanging out — like two penises in a pod.”

Burt: “I put a condom on a banana when we had sex, and she still got pregnant. And it made the banana taste terrible.”

Virginia: “It’s like they’re Ken and Barbie, and we’re the potato heads.”

Sabrina: “Text me about that movie Friday. I’ll see if anything doesn’t have Matthew McConaughey in it.”

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