Image Credit: Kyle ChristyIf you missed last night’s premiere of Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy, the 13-part History series in which the comedian travels the country profiling the people and events that make it unique, you can watch it online here. He started with one of my favorite stories: How bootleggers haulin’ moonshine on Georgia backroads in cars tricked out to outrun the cops bred the sport of NASCAR. He also got taken for a wild ride with NASCAR driver Bill Elliott, and the surprise spin had him threatening the lives of History execs. There are a lot of shows on TV now with celebrities taking us to different places of note. What’s refreshing here: The look of surprise on Larry the Cable Guy’s face was genuine. Same as it was when he later traveled to Vermont for an etiquette lesson from the Emily Post Institute and the director, one of her descendants, told him that if you clog a toilet during a party, you should go to the host and ask for a plunger. He’s genuinely interested in the history people are sharing, and he’s happy to take part in it, including getting on his hands and knees and chasing after the jumping frogs in Calaveras County made famous by Mark Twain. Yes, he adds in some Larry the Cable Guy humor (presented with a California bullfrog, he said, “Look at the size of that thing… which by the way is what my wife said to me when I met her”), but half of the fun is seeing how people you may not expect to laugh at those jokes do. There’s also enough of the man, Dan Whitney, behind the Larry the Cable Guy character in the show that it has both humor and heart. If you caught the premiere, what did you think? Will you come back for another history lesson?

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