Closing Arguments

Image Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/CBSIt’s taken me awhile to warm to Alicia’s brother on The Good Wife, but now that the promo for the Feb. 15 episode has shown him encouraging her to talk to Will about her feelings (and that second voicemail he left her), he’s my new best friend. I was already on a good TV-induced high from Will and Diane’s low-five last night after they tricked Derrick into firing some of his people, but when the promo embedded below started — “for this wife the waiting is finally over” — I almost passed out. How do you think that conversation, pictured, will play out? The Good Wife writers wouldn’t dare have Tammy, Will’s girlfriend, pop out of his bathroom to interrupt them again. Tammy is clearly falling for Will, even if she’ll only admit she loves the way he smells (note to self: resist the urge to ask the Kings what cologne he wears), but Will hasn’t fallen in love with her. (Right?) I don’t think he’d stop Alicia from saying what she came to say, or stop himself from telling her what he said in that voicemail. But then what? I suppose he could say his life is too complicated right now to put his head around the media circus that would surround them if Alicia left Peter. We haven’t really seen much done with the fact that Eli is a valued client. Could that somehow come back into play, with Will and Diane needing that money now to keep their votes? (It would feel a bit out of nowhere, no?)

What’s your best guess? Do you think they will at least share another kiss? I bet not. I feel like the next time their lips touch, it won’t stop there, and I think Alicia still has enough control not to let that happen. (That said, this show does like bold moves…) I think they’ll acknowledge their feelings — but also that they need a plan before they can act on them. So we get some movement, but we’re still in a tension-filled holding pattern.

For playing what if with me, here’s what I can tell you about next week’s episode: It’s the one inspired by The Social Network. Rita Wilson guests as Viola Walsh, an old lawyer friend of Diane’s, who asks her to represent a young internet billionaire who’s suing a movie studio for defamation. Will and Diane take the case, and go up against the studio’s lawyer (F. Murray Abraham). Peter, Childs, Wendy Scott-Carr, and their campaign managers meet to discuss off-limit topics for the campaign. Childs wears a leather jacket (badass!) and a hat (because he’s changed his hair for another role).

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Closing Arguments
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