Wow, could the run-up to the release of Lady Gaga’s forthcoming single “Born This Way”—and the album of the same name—be any more drawn out? The pop diva has released the lyrics to the song; moved the premiere from Grammys Sunday to this coming Friday; told us that Born This Way is going to be the “greatest album of the decade”; and released the artwork for the album as a whole. Whew! And today—shown here at the left—we are seeing the cover art for the single for the first time. (Perez Hilton officially debuted the cover.) And it’s quite the doozy of a photo: Doesn’t Gaga look almost animalistic in this shot? It’s—dare I say the word, especially after Perez used it to describe the art, too—totally and completely fierce. And really, would you expect anything less? Gaga’s hair flows mane-like, and it almost seems like you might find the creature she’s channeling somewhere in the African jungle. I’m really digging it. Now, can we just hear the song?

What do you think? Loving it? Hating it? Sound off below…

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