By Jeff Labrecque
February 08, 2011 at 09:24 PM EST

Image Credit: Jennifer Graylock/AP ImagesFor someone who considers himself The King of All Media, it’s taken Howard Stern an awfully long time to take Twitter seriously. The satellite-radio funnyman only just began tweeting on Feb. 3, if tentatively: “@JohnStamos John…I have no idea how to work twitter…help. I’m feeling very out of it” he tweeted on Friday. By Saturday, though, he seemed more confident: “What I wouldn’t do for a booger right now. Let’s all go to boogerville.” That is how you tweet, Fart Man.

He later promised his minions that if he accumulated 100,000 followers by cocktail hour, he’ll get his wife, Beth, drunk and post a picture of her in her thong. Alas, they came up 6,581 short. But Stern posted several provocative shots of Beth anyway, though she seemed sober. During the Super Bowl, he commented on the commercials: “A talking facebook car? can’t wait to hear a message from a girl who wouldn’t bang me in high school as I crash into a wall,” and by Monday, he seemed sold on the Twit: “I’m liking twitter. Just filed the papers to divorce my face book.”

Stern’s baby steps in the Twitterverse has the potential to be one of the technology’s most important developments in years. The technology is tailor-made for his irreverent declarations, his feud potential just went up 1000 percent, and there’s bound to be an avalanche of bizarre Stern-related photographs, which will serve as a reminder to the terrestrial-radio-based folk that Stern still has his fastball. Or is it his screwball?

Are you following Stern on Twitter already? Should Baba Booey be fired for not making this happen sooner?

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