I loved last night’s episode of Hawaii Five-0. I loved the idea of an FBI safe house in the middle of paradise. I loved that the witness being chased through the jungle by assassins was played by True Blood‘s Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) and that I liked her anyway. (Excellent move by Klaveno to play a redeeming character who loves her wise, autistic sister and get a trip to Hawaii.) I loved that McGarrett felt the need to separate himself from Chin and the witness as they made their way toward the courthouse, so he could hunt the bad guys and go Rambo on them. (I also loved how he took the lengthy call from Danno as he was setting a booby trap, even though he should have just said, “I’m holding my phone in one hand and this trap in the other, so if an assassin were to stumble upon me right now, I would be dead because I can’t reach for my gun.”) I loved how Kono kicked the ass of “the cleaner,” who was posing as a member of the cartel lord’s defense team before Steve and Chin could save the day, even though I have no idea how she got there before they did.

It was after that fight, embedded below, that McGarrett gazed at Kono with a look of awe/respect/pride (pictured), and I realized that I would love this show even more if there was some genuine sexual tension — or, at least more McGarrett looks like this one to help me imagine there being some. I’m not talking about turning this show into Bones or Castle, with Steve and Kono. But I am hoping that Larisa Oleynik’s recurring character being introduced next month — an ex-CIA analyst who arrives from Langley to help McGarrett pursue his nemesis, Wo Fat, who’s responsible for the death of her agent fiancé — will have some sparks with McGarrett. Do you agree that the only thing this show is missing is some good sexual tension? If so, what do you propose?

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