Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comSales of Aerosmith’s 1994 compilation Big Ones have gone up 260 percent since Steven Tyler made his debut as an American Idol judge last month. The Hollywood Reporter says the band’s other greatest hits collections have seen rises of 137 to 147 percent. There’s also been a spike in downloads of singles such as “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Dream On.”

This reminds me of last fall when I was in the car and heard two Celine Dion songs on the radio during one drive. I remember thinking, She must have had her babies. Sometimes, we just need our memories stirred. And the great thing is, thanks to iTunes, you don’t have to look like someone jumping on a bandwagon. (Anyone else used to get embarrassed going into a record store on Sunday and buying the CD of that week’s musical guest on Saturday Night Live?) Anyway, I couldn’t find my Aerosmith CD when I got to feeling like I was going to need to karaoke “Cryin'” again in the near future, so I have purchased that song in recent weeks. You’re among friends. Admit it. What’d you buy? Or did you already have an album or song that just got put back into heavy rotation?

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