Football? Psh. Why would I be concerned about the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers when the players of the Puppy Bowl will steal my heart on Sunday? (Get it? Get it? Whatever.) The seventh annual event — complete with Kitty Halftime Show! — already has its lineup, which includes: Thelma, who holds the record for yards pooped in; CB, the league's fetching champion; Willy, who just married Gisele Poochen; Big Red, MVP of the Toilet Bowl, and Little Red, who — as the game's "small in size, but big in attitude" player, according to Animal Planet's teaser video — just finished a stint in prison for firearm possession. (Bad dog! Pardoned for cuteness, though!) So, when the game kicks off in one hour, take a paws and head to the comments to bet on your favorites, discuss play-by-play, or just die of cuteness.

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