Image Credit: Universal/DreamworksJon Favreau is the fastest gun in the West — at least in terms of getting his Super Bowl movie spot out there.

The director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 created his own pre-game show by blasting a 30-second spot for his upcoming Cowboys and Aliens to his 900,000-plus Twitter following. Cost = nothing, versus the estimated $3 million for that block of time while the Steelers are battling the Packers.

The new clip doesn’t yet feature any aliens, but it shows Daniel Craig leaping onto a sleek extra-terrestrial hovercraft with what seems to be 10 wings, and Harrison Ford saying, “‘da hell?” as who-knows-what descends to blow the heck out of the Old West. No little green men — yet — but more detail on the alien craft, and there is still a lot to reveal before the July 29 debut. Watch it below.

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