As the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers prepare to hustle for this year’s Super Bowl, the Big Shill — our bracket game that rewards advertising’s greatest icon — is all about Flo, the perky Progressive Insurance Girl played by actress Stephanie Courtney. That’s right: Though the Pillsbury Doughboy, Super Bowl ad favorites the Budweiser Clydesdales, and more did their darndest to stomp on her bumpit, they ultimately were no match for the overenthusiastic saleswoman. So it’s official: Picking up over 73 percent of the vote (the Pillsbury Doughboy finished with almost 27 percent), Flo rides to Big Shill victory on her white motorcycle. Never fear, though, fans of great advertising. Though we must wrap up our 2011 bracket game (giving The Noid, Grimace, Mr. Whipple, the Where’s the Beef Lady, and the rest of the game’s fallen competitors some imaginary consolation prizes), be sure to tune into the Super Bowl tonight — you might just see the next Big Shill champ. Check out Flo’s competitor stats below and the full bracket here, and, if you see him, be sure to tickle the Pillsbury Doughboy. It will make the poor guy feel better. Thanks for playing!

FLO, THE PROGRESSIVE GIRL (Stephanie Courtney)

Product: Progressive Insurance

Debut year: 2008

Catchphrase: N/A

Claim to fame: Flo doles out chipper insurance advice to clueless consumers in the world’s cleanest-ever insurance store.

Strength: Never-ending enthusiasm. Also: Bumpit.

Weakness: Did we mention the enthusiasm never ends? Also: Bumpit.