We are just 32 hours away from the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, and I’m already preparing for the main event. That’s right, I just spent an hour on Hulu and other websites watching my favorite Super Bowl commercials from years past in order to get psyched for this year’s must-see ads. It will be tough to top last year’s Betty White Snickers ad, or the Justin Timberlake Pepsi bit from a couple of years back, but I’m encouraged by what I’ve already seen, as some companies are understandably trying to get the most of their $3 million spots by leaking them online. Some big names are slated to shill on Sunday, including Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne (Best Buy), Roseanne and Richard Lewis (Snickers), Kim Kardashian (Skechers), Adrien Brody (Stella Artois), and maybe — just maybe — Eminem (Chrysler). There’s still plenty of mystery, though. Like, who’s the surprise stranger in Budweiser’s western ads? (For $3 mil, it should be Clint Eastwood.)

But what ad are you most excited about, and will you watch any of the game in between commercials? (Just kidding.)

Truth in Advertising
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