Notting Hill, Rhys Ifans
Credit: Everett Collection

Clearly, if you are reading this, you are still alive and (presumably) unharmed, which means you don’t live with a Hedy or a Baby Jane. (Or, that you might be the Hedy or Baby Jane! Twist!) But in honor of the Single White Female-esque film The Roommate — starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly — hitting theaters today, I’m asking you, PopWatchers, to tell me which pop culture roommate most resembles your own.

Is he/she a Spike, the goofy, tactless roommate from Notting Hill who’s only kept around to make you seem even more charming? Is he/she a Charlie Kelly, the goofy, illiterate janitor from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia who’s good for housework, but even better for Nightcrawlers? Is he/she a Robin Scherbatsky, the goofy, Canadian news anchor from How I Met Your Mother who also just happens to be your ex-girlfriend? Is he/she Joey Tribbiani, the goofy, handsome actor from Friends who reminds you of the last place he uses the soap and the first place you use the soap? Or, if your life is a little bit scarier: Is he/she a Baby Jane, the sociopathic former child star from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? who serves you rat? Is he/she a Nomi Malone, the sociopathic stripper from Showgirls who just says the most embarrassing things and oh my god, how did this become a movie?! Or, is he/she a Sheldon? (‘Nuff said.)

Since my current roommate is a cat, I can’t really play. (She, does, however, vomit all the time, so if I had to choose, I’d say she’s a Snooki.) Though a recent roommate did spend 45 minutes every night in the bathroom in silence doing… you know, I don’t want to even think of what she might have been doing. But I’ll say she was a Crazy Eddie from Friends.

Your turn, PopWatchers! Which pop culture roommate most resembles your own?

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