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Image Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW; Michael Muller/The CWAfter an unfortunate week-long delay, Smallville and Supernatural are BACK tonight, PopWatchers. (Hold applause and tears of joy until the end of the post, please.)

Tonight marks the return of Allison Mack as Chloe, and judging by the previews it’s going to be everything mega fans have been waiting for. Over on Superntural, Sam and his soul are bffs again, and we’re introduced to a new big (actually, it’s normal-sized, technically) baddie.

I’d ask what you’re preparing for snackage for the big event, but Smallvillers likely won’t be able to consume anything because their mouths will be agape for 60 minutes. And eating is generally not on the list of recommended activities while watching Supernatural. It’s right up there on the list of general no-nos next to “driving while intoxicated,” “quoting anything you heard on Teen Mom,” and “not reading Sandra’s Saturday morning recap of Supernatural over breakfast.”

The countdown starts now! (Well, actually it started Dec. 10, 2010, but you know what I mean.)

OH! And I promised a scooplet right? [SPOILER ALERT] Katie Walder, who you probably know as Janet from Gilmore Girls, tweeted earlier today that she booked a guest spot on Supernatural. An insider tells me she is playing “Fate” — as in literally the concept of fate.

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