The football field isn’t the only place the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers are squaring off. Along with the upcoming Super Bowl comes a remix of “Black and Yellow,” Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Burgh-loving anthem, from rap titan Lil Wayne. His “Green and Yellow,” named after the Wisconsin team’s uniform colors, basically declares Green Bay will be raising the Lombardi trophy come Sunday. “Terrible towels?/ That s—‘s boring/ We got the ball/ You know we’re scoring” Wayne raps over the Stargate production.

Wayne stresses several times during the track that “this ain’t a diss song.” He doesn’t have any beef with Khalifa. He’s just a Packers fan. But in the spirit of competition, we must ask whose “Yellow” shines brighter? On one bench we have Khalifa and his hometown jam. On the other is Weezy and approximately three and a half minutes of potent fandom, going as far as threatening to chop Troy Polamalu’s long hair off. And in the bleachers is a truckload of others who’ve put their spin on Khalifa’s chart-topping hit–including Tom Hank’s Northwestern-repping son Chet and this sweet little girl.

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