Jesse McCartney
Credit: Joe Kohen/WireImage for Clear Channel

Image Credit: Joe Kohen/WireImage for Clear Channel At this point, I barely remember that Jesse McCartney became a household name after being a part of the short-lived boyband Dream Street. (Don’t play it cool. You know you saw the commercials for their albums while watching Disney Channel in the early ’00s.) Since those days, I’ve heard about McCartney on-and-off, mostly because he has had a pretty good run as a solo artist and multiple guest appearances on TV shows. Point is: The guy has kept busy, whether you’ve taken note of it or not. But now you’re going to definitely take note.

McCartney has been cast as the lead male role in a supernatural-themed Fox pilot called Locke & Key, which tells the story of a woman and her three children (McCartney among them) who return to their father’s hometown following his death, only to realize their home is inhabited by an evil entity, according to Deadline. Good for him.

In related news, Frankie Muniz is appearing in the celeb cluster-funk movie New Year’s Eve. It’s a good week to be a former teen idol, apparently!

But just as Mandi’s post a few weeks ago made me ponder child stars who are in need of a comeback, all this news got me thinking about teen idols who have fallen by the wayside. You know, the ones we used to cut out of Tiger Beat and tape on our walls? (If you’ve seen me tweet about my Wall of Hot here at EW, you know this is a habit some never outgrow.) Specifically, Devon Sawa came to mind.

To be blunt, I really, really miss his face.

He popped up on Nikita last year, but at that point it had been a while since I’d seen him. (He still does it for me, if you’re wondering.) I think it’s time he was featured on TV more prominently — which is my classy way of saying, “More of THIS now.”

Seriously, after looking at that picture, can’t you see him helming a cop show? Or at least contributing some hotness to one? “Sandra, you’re shallow.” I know; I can’t help it. And neither can you, so answer me this: Which celeb crush from your teens would you love to see back on TV (…because you’re still mildly attracted to them)?