Image Credit: Randy Holmes/ABCTelevision was a-Twitter last night, with both Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory relying heavily on current technology for plot points. Sheldon’s students tweeted about how bad his lectures were, and someone “uploaded pictures to their Flickr account.” On Grey‘s, some of the doctors started tweeting their surgeries. Timely!

Maybe too timely, actually: These episodes might as well have expiration dates stamped on them — it’s hard to imagine them exactly holding up in syndication in, say, five years. BBT at least acknowledged that Twitter, wifi passwords, FaceTime, and video chatting were all well-integrated into the gang’s life. But Grey’s took the approach that the Chief just didn’t know what Twitter was — and then proceeded to trot out the tired, tired joke that “tweet” sounds like other words. (You can’t top Colbert’s “I’ve twatted” comment on The Today Show, which aired two years ago.) C’mon, show: Twitter was on the cover of Time in 2009. I’m not saying I expected the Chief to have thousands of followers, but I thought he’d at least have a passing familiarity — not even name recognition? — with it.

For my money, The Good Wife uses technology in its stories better than any other show does, but these were two valiant efforts.

Were you bugged by the Chief’s techno-reluctance, PopWatchers? And have you seen any other good — or terrible — uses of tech on TV lately?

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