Growing up, I remember my father always saying, “You need to be entertained 24 hours a day.” For the record, this was usually uttered on long car trips during which he refused to play the radio, looked in the rearview mirror, and saw me in the backseat wearing headphones. Today, however, entertainment can be a dangerous distraction, as we’ve been reminded in two recent viral videos — the woman who walked and texted and fell into a shopping mall fountain (or as ABC News put it, took a “digital dunk”) and, worse, the 10-year-old boy so engrossed in his video game that he walked right off the subway platform in Milan and fell onto the tracks (luckily an off-duty police officer standing nearby immediately jumped down and rescued him because the next train was due in under a minute). You can watch footage of the latter event below. We can watch these videos now because we know the victims are fine (at least physically). What is the stupidest and/or most dangerous thing a pop culture distraction has made you do?

Knock on wood, I’ve been pretty careful with my phone and iPod. I’ve mentioned my karaoke injury before. I was basking in applause years ago, missed a step, and twisted my left ankle so badly it still aches whenever it’s cold. When I was a teen in central Pennsylvania, I walked off the side of the road turning to watch a hot young Amish boy drive by in a buggy. I’ve also slipped twice on a banana peel. So okay, either confess your stupidest and/or most dangerous pop culture distraction story, or simply your stupidest fall. (Because the latter stories are entertainment.)