OMG — there are Dynasty Barbie dolls, people! I got a press release detailing the release of Krystle and Alexis dolls a few days ago, and immediately wrote back to the PR flack, telling her I needed to see them in person. Immediately. And here they are — I’m so happy to confirm, dear EW readers, that the dolls are glorious in person: They’re just as you see them on the left here, in all their gaudy, shoulder-festooned, door-knocker deliciousness. Do you die over them like me? If you loved this show, they’re completely must-haves.

They’re sold separately on Barbie’s Pink Label, and each box comes with a quote from the corresponding Dynasty diva on the front. Alexis’ is: “That sounds like a challenge and I adore a challenge!” Krystle’s is: “If you want a rematch just whistle! If you can!” So cheesy. So stupid. So awesome.

The best part about both dolls? As the back of the packaging reveals, both are in gowns that are “inspired by the original Nolan Miller designs!” As you might guess, there’s a reason for Barbie to get on the Dynasty train: The show just celebrated its 30th anniversary on Jan. 11, and a big-screen version of the show is in the works.

The big question that lingers in my mind, however, is: How long until some gay with too much time on his hands recreates the embedded below — and totally ultimate — catfight between Alexis and Krystle with these dolls and posts to YouTube? I can’t wait:

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