As violence against journalists in Egypt continues, Katie Couric and Brian Williams have left the country.

Last night, Couric returned to New York City, while Williams reported live from Amman, Jordan. Anderson Cooper remains in Cairo, reporting from a dimly-lit, undisclosed location last night and admitting he was “a little bit scared” (embedded below). He tweeted this morning, “Not sure where we can broadcast from, but we will find a way.” Yesterday, Cooper described a second attack on him. “Vehicle I was in attacked. My window smashed. All ok.” ABC News producer Brian Hartman also reported a tense situation Thursday on Twitter: “Just escaped after being carjacked at a checkpoint and driven to a compound where men surrounded the car and threatened to behead us. The men released us only after our camera man appealed to the generous spirit of the Egyptian people, hugging and kissing an elder.”

Christiane Amanpour’s vehicle was surrounded by an angry mob as she made her way to the Presidential Palace for an exclusive sit-down with Egypt’s Vice President Omar Suleiman, and ended up speaking with President Hosni Mubarak; the interview aired on a special Nightline last night.

According to the Associated Press, the Committee to Protect Journalists said yesterday that it had recorded 24 detentions of journalists and 21 assaults over a 24-hour period. European governments have joined the United States in condemning the attacks and intimidations. (A Swedish TV reporter is in serious condition after being stabbed in the back, the AP reports).

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