The first poster for the Captain America movie just hit Slashfilm, and it’s a striking image — definitely what you’d expect from an action movie/spinoff/prequel-to-a-movie-that-hasn’t-been-made-yet. Chris Evans has a sober expression on his face; the colors of his iconic costume are muted and bleak; and the whole poster is covered with war-movie grime, as if a land-mine just went off behind Cap. And Cap’s bright-red shield looks like it’s taken a couple hundred machine-gun blasts. Check out the full poster below:

If nothing else, it’s miles away from the shiny fantasy gloss of the upcoming Thor movie. (Like the other images we’ve seen from the movie, the poster reminds me a lot of Steve Epting’s Captain America artwork, especially from the “Winter Soldier” story arc.) I was never a huge Cap fan growing up, but this poster definitely stokes my curiosity about the movie.

The most interesting part of the poster, though, is that tagline: “Avenge.” The cynic in me feels like it’s just a particularly savvy piece of big-picture branding for the 2012 mega-spinoff Avengers movie. (Don’t forget: The subtitle for Captain America is The First Avenger.) But there is something undeniably appealing about the stark verb form of the word. It slyly refocuses the whole “Avengers” concept in a subtle historical context — is Cap “avenging” Pearl Harbor? — and, in the process, makes Cap seem like that much more of a dynamic figure.

Then again, maybe it is just really good branding. PopWatchers, what do you think about the Captain America poster? Who’s going to be a more popular Halloween costume this year: Captain America, Thor, or Young Magneto?

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