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Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBCQué Sorpresa! That’s “what a surprise” for all you people who don’t speak Spanish or don’t know how to use Google like I cleverly did. And what a surprise it was. I’d never thought I’d live to see the day that Elizabeth Lemon was with child. Then again, it was only a fake pregnancy. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Kabletown head honcho Hank Hooper (alliteration!) came for a visit. Jack was worried about impressing his new boss, so he laid down the law to all his employees: “Be your most normal.” Say what? Even if Tracy didn’t mention where he thought dinosaurs came from, normalcy is not, well, normal around TGS. Good luck with that one, Jacky D.

While Jack was busy hangin’ with Mr. Hooper, he called upon Liz to take his baby mama, Avery, shopping for baby things. You know, a tiny desk with a mini pen set. Things like that. Avery managed to keep her pregnancy a secret (thanks to Michael Kors and a gay race horse) because she was up for a new job. If her bosses knew she was eight months along, they would likely give the position to her competitor, Carmen Chao (guest star Vanessa Minnillo). Chao tried to expose Avery for what she really was (the real pregnant lady), so Lemon confessed to being the pregnant one. She, naturally, stuck with the ruse because she was doing a nice thing for Jack, got better treatment from the TGS staff, and finally had an excuse to eat for two. (Let’s make that four egg sandwiches!) Liz committed to her role as pregnant woman by participating in a pretty weird stomach-baring photo shoot. I’m not sure why everyone believed she was really preggers. But once she broke out the oil, I think people just didn’t want to question her. Liz’s loyalty will soon be rewarded, but not with the toilet pillow she wanted from the medical supply store. Instead, Jack and Avery’s baby will have the middle name Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Jack struggled to accept Hooper’s family management style and use of emoticons in company memos. Once Jack realized he had to listen to employee pitches, and his own voice-activated remote control idea failed, Jack stole Kenneth’s little black bar idea as his own. The Blah Bar, which blocks non-family content like nudity and soccer, was an immediate hit with Hooper. (It also was an immediate hit with me because it make me think of this.) And even though Jack felt guilty for his actions, all Kenneth wanted in return was a 10-second (with Mississippis) hug.

Over in crazy town, Tracy and Jenna were at odds because (not a surprise!) they couldn’t share. Hooper bought the two TGS stars gifts because, without them, he’d have no one to present awards to other actors. The present included everything from a computer/coffin for Tracy’s teddy bear to a Kabletown sweatshirt. Unfortunately, only one sweatshirt came with the present. The two bickered about sweatshirt ownership until “Pregnant Liz” solved the problem by throwing the prized piece of clothing in the trash: “No one gets it. Now get out of here and hold hands like you’re best friends on the way out!”

Other “Qué Sorpresa” highlights:

++ “Carmen is sneaky. And that’s not racist because I don’t know what she is.” –Jack

++ It doesn’t count as a hug if it doesn’t go on for 10 seconds!

++ The Thing Carlos Thought Of! (The original name of the DVR)

++ “Gossip Alert: According to Carmen Chao, our friend Liz Lemon is pregnant.” –Brian Williams (I love that B-Dubs is the one spreading company gossip.)

++ When Jack said “crap,” his voice-activated remote control switched to Keeping Up With the Kardashians

++ “Inside my vagina.” –Liz’s answer to Carmen Chao’s “Where was the baby conceived?”

++ “Revel in the glory of motherhood!!” –Lemon during her faux-pregnancy photos

++ “We’re not sharks, we’re like…whatever the friendliest fish is. I’m not a science guy.” –Hank Hooper

What did you think of “Qué Sorpresa?” Did you recognize Hank Hooper from that other NBC comedy? What employee pitch was your favorite? Now stop being a Silly Simon, and go comment!

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