Watching the Reelz Channel trailer for The Kennedys, it’s immediately clear why members of the Kennedy family and their loyal supporters lobbied against its broadcast. It opens with a callous remark about the ways of the world, and closes with JFK on a slab. This is not a miniseries to celebrate, “Ask not what your country can do for you…,” but to illuminate the clan’s fatal ambition, illustrated by the patriarch’s Palpatine-like remark, “This country is ours for the taking!”

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Camelot any more. That’s not to say that the eight-part miniseries lacks historical credibility. There are plenty of reporters who’ve ventured into the deep closet of Kennedy skeletons (See: Seymour Hersh), but the fact remains that our country, generally speaking, remains proud of the Kennedys’ achievements and impressed by their aura of optimism, glamour, and vigor.

There’s no arguing with the mini-series’ casting, though. I especially like Tom Wilkinson as a cold-blooded Joe Sr., and Katie Holmes has the same deceptive strength beneath a brittle facade that I associate with Jackie.

Did the trailer seem like a naked take-down of the doomed president and his family? I expect many folks sympathetic to the Kennedys have already tuned this miniseries out, but for the rest of you, did the trailer make you want to watch on April 3?

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