Image Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/USAWhen we last saw Det. Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) on Law & Order: Criminal Intent — when the actor was officially leaving the show… for the first time — he was simply fired by longtime partner, Det. Eames (Kathryn Erbe). Though I don’t speak for all CI fans who spent years watching D’Onofrio play the eccentric headcase of a detective, I will admit that I felt this was not an acceptable finale for one of TV’s most interesting, complex characters. No, if you ask me, in the final episode of the final season of CI — which premieres May 1 — Det. Goren has to die.

And not just pass away. Law & Order‘s most tragic detective needs to go down in a blaze of glory, in a massive gunfight or via spontaneous combustion while debating Jean-Paul Sartre’s finest works with a criminal mastermind. Look, the reason I think he should die is because I love him so much — a tortured figure like Goren can only find peace in the afterlife. As EW’s Darren Franich says, “He’s like a great, tormented warrior. He deserves a magnificent death.” (I’ll pick up my pitchfork if he goes like Lost‘s Rousseau, the show’s badass Ripley-esque character who, for some reason, was eventually subdued by a simple gunshot. Easily the most disappointing death in recent TV history.) Now that we’re in the final season — with no promise of any additional episodes, like there was when D’Onofrio first threw in the towel — there’s no reason why Goren should be allowed to live on: A guest appearances on Law & Order: Los Angeles, say, would just as out of place as a Don Draper cameo on Hawaii Five-0. So, please, USA, please allow Det. Goren to rest in peace when CI‘s run ends. And preferably, via alligators. (Because, why not?)

Who else agrees that Det. Goren is too awesome of a character to not die at the end of CI? And how should it happen?