ABC's "The View" - Season 20

Whoopi Goldberg talked about her own past struggles with drugs during a discussion of Charlie Sheen’s woes on Wednesday morning’s The View. The discussion centered on a report that Sheen has decided to continue to film episodes of Two and a Half Men rather than go into rehab, the hosts said.

There was some back-and-forth about whether or not this was a good idea. Goldberg, becoming exasperated, had to explain to her colleagues what a high-functioning addict was.

“He is an alcoholic, he is a drug user,” Goldberg said of Sheen. “He knows he has a lot of people he’s responsible for” on the Two and a Half Men production company.

“Having been a drug addict, I feel I can say this… I was a functioning drug addict, I showed up for work because I knew a lot of people would be out of work and I wouldn’t get a check that I needed to buy my drugs.

“I ended up sitting on a bed for three or four days scared there was something under the bed.

“I wet the bed, I pooped the bed… I was so scared. I hit bottom. I did that a long time ago,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg said that Sheen could do both — that is, rehab and work — but “this isn’t the producers’ decision [to make]. Until Charlie makes the decision that he’s ready and willing to stop doing what he’s doing … he’s not there yet.”

Goldberg added that she is now “as straight as an arrow.”

It was a striking moment of spontaneous honesty and heartfelt advice to witness.

ABC's "The View" - Season 20
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