Are the producers of The Simpsons even sneakier than we thought? Consider the following video evidence, which stitches together all of those ’90s Simpsons clips featuring Rainier Wolfcastle in action as McBain, the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Bruce Willis-spoofing movie action hero. Turns out, they kinda-sorta add up to a short film in which McBain butts heads with his by-the-book boss (“Bye, book,” he declares after literally shooting the captain’s book), avenges the death of his partner (who was just two days away from retiring and sailing away with his wife on their newly christened boat, The Live-4-Ever!) by taking down Senator Mendoza (who’s been moonlighting as the head of an international drug cartel!), and gets the girl (“Right now, I’m thinking of holding another meeting… in bed”). So, was this part of an ancient secret master plan that is only now coming to light? “It was always just conceived as the most melodramatic fragments of a bigger movie where we never really had a big movie in mind,” Simpsons exec producer Al Jean tells EW. Jean did, however, open the door for the McBain mini-movie to eventually add a few scenes: “If Schwarzenegger goes back into movies, then we’ll go back into McBain.” And he left us with this quip: “If we edited together all the Itchy & Scratchys, we’d have The Simpsons Movie 2.”

What did you think of this McBain extravanganza? What’s your favorite McBain moment? (Consider: “Ice to see you!”) And let’s just get crazy for a second — would you rather watch a full-length McBain film, an Itchy & Scratchy flick, or a real Simpsons Movie sequel?

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