Saturday Night Live - Season 42

Image Credit: Glenn Harris/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosRussell Brand and Chris Brown are set to make their Saturday Night Live debuts on Feb. 12, NBC has announced. Brand will serve as host, and Brown as the musical guest. Humor is one way to diffuse celebrity scandals, but do you want the show to go there with Brown, or should he just perform his two songs and stay out of sketches and shorts? My gut tells me the latter: If he just sings, the audience can compartmentalize. He’s a singer, he’s singing. But if he starts “acting,” then we start thinking… Would the show be selling out if they didn’t address his troubled past? But then again, is there a way for them to actually do that tastefully? Assault isn’t something to laugh it. It’s not like we want to see a sketch centered on him graduating from his court-ordered course on domestic violence. He and Brand could start a celebrity Twitter war, but then, oops!, the one Brown apologized for recently was considered homophobic. Also not funny.

So what do you say: Should Brown just sing? Or are you ready for him to make you laugh? If so, how? My best idea would be a sketch with the cast impersonating other famous musicians with pasts to overcome auditioning to collaborate with Justin Bieber on a track on his next album (like Brown is doing). But it still just feels… gross. Your thoughts?

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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