Back in college, I got into a loud, scary, unnecessary fight with my roommate after she caught me borrowing a headband without asking. And, as is typical of non-confrontational 19-year-olds who live mere feet from one another, we managed to patch up the whole thing over email, and never spoke about it again. But perhaps I could have avoided the whole argument to begin with had I consulted Leighton Meester’s new CollegeHumor video pegged to her film out Friday, The Roommate: “Don’t Touch My S— (with Leighton Meester).”: “I’m here with a message about an issue that’s very close to my heart. An issue that affects me and millions like me every day. My message is simple: Don’t touch my s—,” says Meester in the faux-PSA, which is obviously NSFW.

Admit it, PopWatchers: You are inappropriately excited for this movie, aren’t you?

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