Credit: MTV

Image Credit: MTVThe Parents Television Council is taking its anti-Skins campaign to the next level.

The lobbying group is urging members to contact their state attorneys general, urging them to investigate whether local cable and satellite providers violated child pornography laws by distributing the show.

The news comes as more advertisers have distanced themselves from the show and the third episode garnered only 1.5 million viewers on Monday night.

But an MTV spokesperson says all 10 episodes of the show will air, and despite rumors to the contrary, it will not cancel the show.

“It is unfortunate that we have reached the point of having to call for a criminal investigation into the production and distribution of an MTV show depicting minors in sexual situations,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “As if the blatant teen drug and alcohol abuse on Skins isn’t enough, the fact that MTV allegedly considered whether its program might have violated child pornography laws — and then went ahead and aired it anyway — is beyond repulsive.”

Winter is referring to a New York Times story that said MTV executives were concerned the show might have violated child porn laws.

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