Image Credit: Eric McCandless/CBS; Tina Gill/PR PhotosCBS announced last week that General Hospital alum Nazanin Boniadi would be coming on board How I Met Your Mother for a multi-episode arc as a character named Sarah — a possible love interested for Barney. That’s about where the details ended. But we went straight to the source — executive producer and co-creator Craig Thomas — to get more on this “interesting new presence in Barney’s life.”

When we meet Sarah (who works with Robin) in Mother’s Feb. 14 episode, titled “Desperation Day,” Thomas says we can look for Barney to deal with a dilemma that is very close to his heart: try to shag or don’t try to shag.

“Barney takes note of this girl, and she catches his attention on Desperation Day as Barney’s ostensibly hitting on all these woman in the bar because he thinks they’re needy and vulnerable,” Thomas explains. “She catches his eye a little bit, and it’s interesting to watch Barney wrestle with ‘Do I jump in, go 100 percent, full-throttle on Desperation Day? Or do I talk to this girl who’s kind of intriguing?’ The whole thing catches Barney by surprise, and it’s always fun to watch Barney Stinson get caught by surprise.”

Also caught by surprise by the news of Boniadi’s addition? Fans of Robin and Barney who had been hoping that a reconciliation was in the works. Some (like me!) were even hoping that the wedding shown in this season’s premiere was that of the former couple. The good news? It still could be.

“The great thing about the show is that we can leave a lot of doors open,” says Thomas. “We don’t like to close doors on this show too much and certainly Barney and Robin is always a fascinating topic for us. I will say is that we would never rule out the possibility of rekindling Barney and Robin somewhere down the road.”

Stay tuned.

And for more scoop on How I Met Your Mother check out this Friday’s edition of Spoiler Room, which you can submit questions to via Twitter: @EWSandraG.

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