epic meal time

And bacon strips, and bacon strips, and bacon strips!

YouTube phenom Epic Meal Time has signed with some major Hollywood talent reps and is shopping its own extreme cooking TV show to several interested networks.

For those who haven’t yet stumbled upon their channel, Harley Morenstein, Sterling Toth, and friends, along with producing partner Evan Rimer, create culinary masterpieces of heart-stopping high-caloric insanity. Then eat them. (Video below).

The Canadian outfit has clocked more than 20 million page views and were snatched up by The Gersh Agency and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

Check out this one sample from Thanksgiving below, and see their channel for more. An Epic Meal Time series must be more fun than watching Bobby Flay, right?

Vegetarians, brace yourselves (and you might want to dial up the video quality using the drop-down tab marked “240p” so you can clearly view the meaty goodness):

epic meal time
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