Vanity Fair‘s annual Hollywood issue has arrived (here’s a larger version), and I’m too distracted by Olivia Wilde’s gown to even begin to address why Rashida Jones would be bottle-feeding an animal and Robert Duvall is serving as bartender. Does Wilde have an amazing body? Yes. But should she be wearing a gown that makes January Jones’ Golden Globes dress seem reserved? No. I think we need to band together now to stop these suspender-bodice gowns from becoming an epidemic. (Assuming enough people with bodies like Wilde and Jones actually exist to make that even a figurative possibility.) If a gown just barely covers your nipple, you should not be wearing it. See something, say something, people. Let’s put it to a vote below. Note: If you choose “sexy,” it means you want to see more actresses wearing this look. If you choose “annoying,” it means even if you think their bodies are stunning, you want the inappropriate trend to stop now.