The Office is hiring.

NBC’s hit comedy is looking to add at least two new cast members next season — and that’s in addition to the new boss.

One role is for a woman described as “Scranton hot.” She’s hired as an assistant to the office manager. Her former job was at an old folks’ home and she seems “pleasant and smart.”

The second role is for a man who’s fresh on the job market who joins Dunder Mifflin’s accounting department. The guy used to work at a golf course, probably went a community college, and is just happy to have a real job in this tough market. He’s “good-looking, but not WB looking.” (I’m loving whoever is writing these casting descriptions).

The parts are in addition to the role of Stanley’s older daughter — a part that’s now being cast that may also become a series regular.

But keep in mind none of these roles are set in stone — it’s a long way until next season, and the parts could change dramatically depending on the actors who show up, and how next season’s game-changing cast and storyline comes together.

The network and producers are otherwise keeping mum, as the show ramps up to Michael Scott’s departure and the Will Ferrell’s four-episode arc.

Of course, we know your biggest question: How will all this impact Pam?

Well, on the red carpet at the DGA Awards, Office star Jenna Fischer says Scott’s impending departure will leave Pam realizing she doesn’t get the respect she deserves.

“Pam is the office administrator now, but she doesn’t get taken seriously by the other people in the office,” Fischer says. “They still see sort of her as a receptionist or failed sales person. The new leadership is going to treat Pam with a little more respect. They’re going to ask the other people in the office to treat her that way, as well. I think it’s going to create a new dynamic for her. She’s going to finally get a little power.”

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