Six years ago, alien life forms hitched a ride to Earth on a NASA space probe that crash-landed in Mexico. Before long, a wall spanning the Mexican-American border would be the U.S.’s only protection against invasion.

That’s the premise of Monsters, a sci-fi flick about real illegal aliens — think District 9, but made by a Brit and set in North America — that manages to do a lot despite its tiny budget of $500,000.

Today, the little film that could is out on DVD — and to celebrate its release, EW is giving away 10 copies of Monsters. (You’ll have to provide your own gas masks, unfortunately.) The discs are courtesy of Magnolia and are available while supplies last.

Want to win? Here’s how to enter:

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3. Find the post on our Wall announcing the giveaway, click Comment, and tell us which onscreen alien is your favorite, and why. (Note: Commenting on this post won’t enter you in the giveaway; see the official rules below.)

4. If you’re a winner, we’ll contact you via Facebook message to request your mailing address.

The giveaway starts NOW!