Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosSometimes it seems like James Franco is juggling a number of projects that is approaching infinity. Like a undefeatable hydra of productivity, each time we write about a new film, TV show, art project, book, class, mustache, soap opera, underwater re-enactment of the third season finale of Dynasty, James Franco look-a-like contest, or conjoined-twin separation surgery he’s involved in, two more career aspirations spring up to take its place. It’s reached the point that even posts about how many posts there are about how many projects Franco has are piling up like PhD coursework. You win, James: We’re meta-exhausted.

His latest venture, according to Movieline, is a class at Columbia College Hollywood titled Master Class: Editing James Franco… with James Franco, in which 12 lucky students will build a half-hour documentary about Franco, from footage provided by Franco, and under the occasional supervision of Franco. It’s essentially his attempt to rip a hole in objective reality and make something like this happen, only with him, and it currently tops the list of Franco’s most universe-rending instances of ““““meta-ness.”””” (Yes, I meant to use that many quotation marks.) If you’re interested, the rest of the list goes something like this:

* Playing a character named Franco on General Hospital.

* Playing a former soap star in the upcoming Maladies, which was the original inspiration for his stint on GH.

* Apparently keeping Kimiko, the Japanese love pillow, from his guest spot on 30 Rock.

* Co-starring with his brother Dave as versions of themselves in a film set in their hometown and featuring their friends and family. It also takes place over Thanksgiving, where the Francos will clearly eat a turkey stuffed into a turkey stuffed into a turkey stuffed into a turkey, etc., etc.

* His Sundance film/art project, Three’s Company: The Drama a.k.a. Jack Tripper and the Ontological Myth of Human Sexuality.

Luckily for us, we love whatever version of him we get, be it Franco-prime, Bizarro-Franco, or Blond Franco. What about you, PopWatchers? Do you ever get that sense that we are all just characters in a dream James Franco is having? Or is that impossible since he never sleeps?

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