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Updated February 01, 2011 at 05:55 PM EST

Derek Hough, Dancing With the Stars pro and legal guardian of “Little Derek,” is taking season 12 (premiering Monday, March 21 on ABC) off to play a New Orleans street dancer in the upcoming movie Cobu 3D. The three-time winner of the COVETED MIRRORBALL TROPHY should be back for season 13 in September. After the jump, let’s take a trip down Planet Mirrorballus’ spray-tanned mammary lane. EW proudly presents: The Best of Derek Hough’s Hidden Gems from 2010.

Season 10, week 3

”During Derek and Nicole’s interview with Brooke, it was obvious why men should NOT wear white, flat-fronted pants while dancing, or really at all. ‘Little Derek’ was very noticeable in that section, as was the cameraman who moved the shot up to chest level!!!” –Tricia

”I vote for Derek’s gem (see crotch on white pants) ready to anchor while being interviewed after their dance!” –Angel

Season 10, week 4

”Maybe it was just me, but did ‘Little Derek’ make another appearance last night when he leaned against the dance studio beam in the rehearsal footage? Maybe that was just the way his pants were.” —April

Season 10, week 5

“Hidden gem: Derek sniffing the shoe during the shopping sequence when Nicole is trying on clothes? Shoe sniffing? What the heck?” –Staci, seconded by REALLY?, IAA Evan, and glenn

Season 10, week 6

“Has anyone else noticed the creepy Spencer Pratt-esque mustache Derek has?” –maggie, seconded by KarenNJ, JH, and psychoanalyzer

Season 10, week 8

“During Derek and Nicole’s rehearsal, there was a quick shot of the mirror ball on the piano bench. This is not the first time the mirror ball has shown up in rehearsal and it cannot be a coincidence. Obviously the DWTS producers are following Annie’s blog, and placing a ‘hidden’ gem in plain sight for us to find.” –s-diver43

Season 10 semifinals

Best Hidden Gem for me was in the pre-commercial segment leading into Nicole & Derek’s second dance. The real make-up lady seemed very amused by Derek & Nicole as she watched them paw at each others faces and hair while they sat in the make-up chairs backstage. –JR

“Bruno’s jump slap reaction in the background when Derek and Nicole hit the last beat of their Prince routine.” –@msmandee, Gemseeker, Fresh, JH, queue55, Kittyvan, Colleen

“It’s like at that moment he decided it was a 10.” –Melissa

Season 10 finals

“Derek’s hand made a seamless transition from Nicole’s trademark ‘hang loose’ gesture to a normal thumbs-up.” –ANWTWHR

Season 11, week 3

“What’s going on with this random large wardrobe in the studio? Who lives there??? In my dreams: me.” –’s Fringe Fairy

Season 11, week 6

“Derek grabbing his ‘hidden gems’ in the dance marathon, right after Audrina and Tony were eliminated.” –Diana, endorsed by orvile, Anna, Katja, gigi

Season 11 semifinals

“Not all that hidden, but what was up with Mark and Derek loosening up like they were about to compete in sprints? What happened to cheesy swaying and bouncing to the music while waving shamelessly at the camera?” –Riley

“Derek blowing on Jennifer’s boob. I know he was going for the feathered fringe, but it didn’t really look that way!” –AR, endorsed by KWo, Katja, Jenn, JH, Rebecca, @mcdeallover, Tracy, KC

Season 11 finals

“Derek couldn’t just have a plain white tee… he had to have a BEDAZZLED plain white tee.” –jasmine, endorsed by Jamie0415

Derek took this of himself during rehearsal to show off his “Jenougher” team shirt. “All sweat!” he remarked. I’m trying to ignore that it looks like he’s trying to show off something else!

Derek, for Tuesday’s Design-a-Dance, how far did you actually position yourself from where Cheryl would slam the door into your crotch? What if you miscalculated?!

DH: My sensitive areas were never in danger. I’m a highly trained professional.

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