Image Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBCI was angry — nay, livid — a few weeks ago after Chuck’s beautiful balcony proposal to Sarah was interrupted by the CIA, who busted in to arrest his eventual bride-to-be. Last night, in what was once written to be the show’s midseason (if not, series) finale had Chuck not received an order for additional episodes*, they more than made up for it.

Only there was no frill this time. There was no castle, no gigantic moon, and no plan. The big moment (take 2) came just at the end of an action-packed hour that included an Awesome birth (welcome adorable baby Clara), an awesome villain meeting his end (well, arrested), and the most awesome Jeffster performance ever (which executive producer Chris Fedak teased to us a few months back).

Chuck and Sarah were sitting in the hallway of the hospital where Ellie had just delivered, and were holding hands when suddenly Chuck looked toward Sarah. Taking a moment, he lovingly swept a piece of hair from her face, and his expression changed. As “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous played in the background, he rose from his chair silently and removed the ring box (and subsequently, the huge rock) from his pocket.

We didn’t hear the rest. We only saw Chuck get down on one knee in the foreground of a shot that focused on a janitor polishing the hospital floor and Sarah lean into a kiss as the shot faded to black. God, I’m going to start sobbing again.

For a couple that has experienced their entire relationship under the eye of their superiors and under scrutiny from others, it was, I think, the perfect moment. Alone together is sort of the perfect description of two spies in love, so it seems fitting that it’s how they start the rest of their lives together. Agree?

What did you think of the episode, PopWatchers?

*Luckily, Chuck is all-new next week. (WOO!)

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