Adam Sandler was on The Tonight Show last night, joking about his rumored demise, Just Go With It, and the fun of filming in Hawaii. I could almost forgive his signature extreme casual dress, but bunchy white sweat socks?! They make lightweight casual socks, Adam. If you’re going to wear glorified pajamas and slippers on television, at least do it in the comfort of things that fit correctly.

I grew up worshiping Adam Sandler. I listened to They’re All Gonna Laugh At You, What The Hell Happened to Me, and What’s Your Name over and over and over. I’m pretty sure I can still recite “The Talking Goat” verbatim, and I can’t put on a sweatshirt without thinking “I love you sweaaaaatshirt. [Whatever color] sweaaaaaatshirt.” There’s a part of me will always find Sandler funny, whether or not I can sit through one of his less-inspired movies. Just seeing him on The Tonight Show — joking, loose, seemingly having an okay time — brought a flicker of joy to my heart.

Are there comedians or stars you developed an early allegiance to, PopWatchers, that makes them impervious to objective criticism or box-office failures? And don’t you wish Sandler would host SNL in the near future? I feel like there’s got to be one more Opera Man sketch to be had….

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