Well, this looks like fun: It’s the “world’s widest slip and slide,” in a man-made reservoir in Hawaii. Holy moly, this looks like the best way to spend an afternoon. Just me, my friends, our bodyboards, some dish soap to cut down on friction, and a staggeringly beautiful (though clearly off-limits) tropical location. Ah, youth:

(In case you were wondering how one gets out of the world’s widest slip and slide, watch carefully for the staircase. You can see people climbing it at 0:16, and see it pretty clearly at :23.)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this video comes from the same director that brought us the stunning — and hypnotic — video of a huge bike jump into a pond:

Now I feel like the world’s least adventurous lazybones, and the part-time Mayor of Boringtown. Don’t you, PopWatchers?