Spike TV just announced a recession-era game show from the producers of Jersey Shore. Titled Repo Games, the show follows two real-life repo men who give debtors one last chance to keep their cars by playing in a quiz show.

They’re asked five questions, and if they get three answers correct, the car will be paid off on the spot. Answer wrong, the car is towed to the impound lot. It’s “Cops meets Jeopardy,” says the network.

But isn’t there something depressing about playing a game show to keep your own car? Imagine this idea being done with, say, a home under foreclosure. Same concept yet feels very different, right? Kids crying, Sheriffs Department waiting to change the locks, while some poor bastard tries to remember the capital of Bolivia.*

Spike says the show will have a “fun tone,” similar to Discovery’s Cash Cab, and notes the contestants will come from all walks of life (read: not just poor people), noting that even celebrities like Paris Hilton have had their cars repo’d.

Anyway, Spike has also picked up another reality show, Bar Rescue, which is basically Kitchen Nightmares but with bars instead of restaurants and with a guy named Jon Taffer instead of Gordon Ramsay.

“The guys featured on ‘Bar Rescue’ and ‘Repo Games’ share that same authentic, real-life persona that will resonate with Spike’s expanding audience,” says Spike programming head Sharon Levy. “We are thrilled to partner with the incredibly creative production teams that developed The Jersey Shore** and The Biggest Loser to bring these unique concepts to life.”

Spike has 20 episodes of Repo Games and 10 episodes of Bar Rescue coming down the pipe later this year…

* Sucre, though La Paz is also correct

** Yup, Spike added “The”