Image Credit: Greg Williams/TNTIf aliens relied on TV to teach them about the inner workings of the human race, they’d probably come away thinking that two-thirds of all Earthlings are cops. (Naturally, they’d assume that the other 33 percent were all lawyers.) But even though shows about law enforcement clutter the airwaves, not all police dramas are created equal.

Case in point: Southland, a gritty cop show that found new life on TNT after being unceremoniously canceled by NBC in 2009. The series, which stars The O.C.‘s Ben McKenzie and Ray‘s Regina King, entered into its second full season earlier this month. It takes an unflinching look at what it really means to be an officer in the LAPD — and, as recent episodes have proven, it doesn’t shy away from tragedy.

Intrigued? If so, you’re in luck, because EW is giving away 20 copies of Southland‘s first season on DVD. The discs are courtesy of TNT and are available while supplies last.

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