Image Credit: Jason Nocito/MTVEveryone has an opinion about Skins these days, and regardless of what yours is, the fact is that the controversial MTV show experienced a sharp decline in viewers last week. So, PopWatchers, how long will we opine about a show that no one is watching? (Whoa, that sounds like that tree falling in the forest question, no?)

For what it's worth, tonight's episode seems like a doozy. It will focus on party boy Chris Collins, who takes his mom's decision to leave as a "party time go" sign. And there will be sex — no, I haven't see the episode, but saying there will be sex on tonight's Skins is like saying "a human will speak," right? If neither happen tonight, I owe everyone a Coke.

While I go hoard soda, vote in the survey below about your Skins habits.


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